Here is a picture of me before and after going on the raw diet, along with some stats which really show the transformation so far. (click the images to see larger versions)

Pre and Post Raw diet
Old jeans (pre-raw)

Old jeans (pre-raw)

In case the image doesn’t show the text well enough, here are the stats (updated 6/8/09 – image not updated yet).

Before Raw Diet ~ 16 weeks raw
Waist 40+ (tight) 32- (loose)
Weight 245-250 lbs 170 lbs
Blood Pressure 160/120 (on waking) 120/76
Heart Rate 95 (on waking) 57

I cannot express in words how much different I feel! The difference in my health and sense of well being is like night and day. There is this “new person” awakening, or maybe I should say the “real” person is rising out of a long convalescence. I did not set out to loose weight per-se either, I was comfortable in my own skin. I just knew that I had to get my blood pressure down and that I wanted to do it without medication.

Gaining weight is this self-perpetuating cycle. You slow down, the food you eat adds pounds which in turn slows you down more and you gain more weight. It goes on and on. The neat thing is that the reverse is true too! You eat wisely, you loose weight. Loosing weight makes you feel good, you move more. The increased motion causes you to loose more weight still. You feel better and keep eating well, because it makes you feel so good… and on and on.

(170 lbs)


So what seemed impossible when I figured to have 70 lbs to loose, is now very possible with only 20 lbs (6/8/2009 updated goal, 10 more lbs to loose) to loose. It’s not even about the numbers, but the numbers are where you start and it really is very possible, no matter where you are. The main thing is to get started, make an investment in yourself for a change, you are “the best thing” that you have! When you eat raw, living foods, you start to get feedback from your body you never imagined. Sense of smell increases, vision gets better, feeling of vitality goes way up. It’s like riding a motorcycle with a great suspension set up versus riding one with old, worn shocks, set too soft.

So upgrade your suspension, go out and take a spin in you, you’ll be really happy you gave it a shot! Don’t forget, you can read all about my Raw Diet progress, following ‘Eat to Live’,in the Raw Diet section.

Update 8/25/09

I have been Focusing more on weight lifting to add muscle to my frame and have been hovering at right around 170lbs. I feel fantastic and finally got myself a new doctor. My last doctor retired, I was so disappointed because I wanted to show her what I had been able to accomplish on the raw diet!

Anyway, the office visit showed my BP at 120/80 and I think they said 67 BPM. I got my blood work done and am a little low on vitamin D so my new doctor recommended I take 2000 iu of D3 supplement daily. My B levels are fine though which is good. But what I was really happy about is that my cholesterol, which had been around 230-240, is now 155. My HDLis 47 and LDL is 94 which means my ratios are very good:

LDL/HDL = 2 ( desire 3.3 – 4.4 or lower)

HDL/LDL = 0.5 (desire 0.22 – 0.3 or higher)

Also, my triglycerides which had been borderline high, to high, even when my cholesterol was not over 200, are now 69 (desire under 150)

So does a raw diet work? Can it take the place of medicine? You bet! My body may well have been better off if I had taken medicines through the years of high BP until I finally got things under control naturally, depending on how much damage I have already done. However, that said, I am fully convinced, for myself, of the restorative effects of eating “clean” and exercising.