Week 3

Day 15 – 216.6 lbs

hmm…. Strange this plateau. I have finally settled on things I like to eat. Before it was all I could do to get another bite of salad into my mouth.

Anyway I seem to have settled here for a bit. My inclination is to stop weighing myself daily, but I want to see how it goes over the long haul so I will continue. I’m Not entirely sure how many calories I am eating but my guess is that yesterday I had 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1/2 cup of frozen berries, a cup of spinach, a cup of romaine, a carrot, 1/4 cup of mushrooms, 2tbl of hummus, 1/2 cup of nuts/seeds, 2-3 oz of tofu and a few teaspoons of soy sauce.

Maybe I will go enter the food to see about how many calories that is, but it hardly seems enough to gain weight. Maybe the sodium from the soy means I hold more water? Not sure. After entering the food, it looks that I ate around 1129 calories, too low actually and perhaps I need to eat more do my body doesn’t try to go into “famine” mode. I’ll read more about this and see.

Day 16 – 216.4 lbs

Blah, feel fat today, don’t know why. Ah well, I weigh a lot less than I did before so it’s just a mind thing. Plus I am fitting in clothes I could not before.

I think that the weight loss slow down or plateau bugs me. I really hoped to get down to 205 or so before that happened. No biggie, just gotta stick with it. The weight did not go on overnight (although it seems like it) , and it is not going to come off overnight. Exercise is increasingly easy and I am looking forward to nice weather for hiking, etc. That is a different mind set than last year at this time and I am glad for it!

Day 17 – 216 lbs

🙂 Lost another .4 lbs, so I am on the way back down. I am eating more calories also. I think too many probably come from the fats in the nuts I eat but I like the food I am eating whereas at first I didn’t even want any.

So I think I may have found a “happy medium”. I’ll see if I bounce back or continue to loose. The twice daily, moderate exercise is something I find myself looking forward to. Also, during my ab routine, my right hip seems like it is moving more freely now. I am excited at that prospect and thrilled I haven’t taken any ibuprofen in over 2 weeks!

Day 18 – 215 lbs

I feel pleased, I lost again. I think a daily weigh in is a bit dangerous because it threatens to demotivate if you gain weight. However, the big picture is important to hang onto and that is that I am doing something positive through healthy eating and exercise. There are going to be bumps in the road, when I hit one I don’t just leave the road entirely.

Day 20

Wow what a weekend. The really nice thing about loosing weight is how getting exercise becomes more pleasurable. I went for 2 brisk 2 mile walks this weekend. So I actually got MORE exercise this weekend than I have been during the week.

The thing is, the exercise was a pleasure. I am having trouble eating enough calories though and need to address that. I also am getting too many of my calories from fat. I need to find a denser source of non-meat, raw protein. I’ll have to do some more reading to find out what I can eat for that. All that said though, I am really pleased at how easy it is to not have to feel stuffed at ever meal. The salads and fruits I eat are very satisfying as far as my hunger goes. I still crave diet soda though, I think I was hooked on that worse than coffee.

I am working out 30 min in the morning and evening. The morning workout is simply pushups and ab work and both times I do 30 minutes of some form of cardio. I do not notice any less energy doing a workout compared to when I was working out regularly some time ago. In fact, my energy levels are higher and I look forward to workouts much quicker (almost immediately) as compared to before when it would take me 3 weeks of forcing myself before I would ever miss/long-for a workout. Also, I am making very quick progress.

In one week I have gone from a walking pace for 30 minutes, to walking with 1 minute bursts of jogging to walking 1 minute then jogging 3. Today I cut the jogging time down a little but upped the speed to more of a relaxed run. So I did a minute of walking followed by a minute of running and a minute of jogging. Anyway, the main thing is that I can feel my body very quickly being able to do more work.

Day 21 – 212.6 lbs

So after 1/2 of this raw eating program, I am down to 212.6 which is about 24 lbs down from the start and about 33lbs from my heaviest, around November ’08.

I feel normal these days, not euphoric, or overly tired. I miss the hyper-energized, euphoric feeling I had right after what I suppose was detox. Hopefully I’ll get more of that, but even if not, feeling less sore and looking forward to workouts and doing physical things is a great gain for me.

Also nice is my blood pressure which is down to 146/97. Not good I know, but considering a couple months ago it was 160/115 and then more recently 155/100. I am pleased that it is heading in the right direction. I am hopeful to have it down to normal, or at least pre-high by the time the 6 weeks is up.

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