Week 4

Day 22 – 211.8 lbs

Well I went to a work lunch today and ordered salad bar. I’m not sure if the produce was organic, but at least it was raw.

Work lunches have been one of my downfalls in past, so I feel pretty good about it. I even brought a nice orange and some tofu and beans in with me to augment whatever I got.

It is not too hard to be raw I am finding. I do miss eating my cooking though, I do so like to cook. At least I can cook for my girls. The neat thing is that they are now starting to eat more fruits and veggies so it is really a positive thing.

Day 23 – 211.2 lbs

I had a late day yesterday and ended up doing my evening workout at 10:30pm. So I got to bed around 12. When I got up this morning to workout and feed all the critters at 4:30 I was pretty spent!

When I was finishing up my degree, working the farm and working full time+, I spent about 3 years with 2-3 hours sleep a night. Plus I was not eating healthy or exercising, aside from farm work.

I am amazed I made it through that in one piece. Anyway, low sleep aside I am really happy at how much I find myself looking forward to my workouts. I will try cutting out tofu to see if that makes any difference in how I feel. Thanks for the idea Scott.

I was having some real drowsiness issues a few hours after lunch when I typically ate tofu in my salad. If that does not make a difference, I will try going low fats for a while to see if that makes a difference. My body seems more responsive to fuel I give it these days, it’s a neat side effect of going raw. I find that I get feedback pretty quick.

Day 24 – 210.2 lbs

OK, the last 2 days I have gotten about 4 hrs sleep per night. Not very good for trying to establish a sleepiness baseline related to food intake! However, I feel a lot better than I did before still. That tells me that the combination of less weight on my frame, and eating far more nutrient dense food, is agreeing with me.

Day 25 – 208.6 lbs

BMI now 29.1. Cool, this is the first time in years my BMI has not shown me to be obese. There’s a motivator 🙂 I am still looking forward to workouts although the treadmill, recumbent bike and Exercise-rider thingy are getting a bit boring. Luckily the weather will be warming up here in MD soon, and I will be able to walk, hike, and do other outdoor activities more.

Day 26 – 207.8 lbs

My weight continues to drop with twice daily exercise. On weekends and when my family is around, we do something together.

Yesterday we wanted to go for a walk after church but it was rainy and cold. So we drove to the local mall and walked briskly through it for about 30 min, then went to a movie. This is nice for us and gets us all involved.

This morning I took my BP and wanted to confirm the numbers but each was lower. So I took 7 readings from each arm and then averaged all to try to get rid of as much “noise” as possible. The final result? 130/82.

Needless to say, I am thrilled. Coming down from about 2 weeks ago when it had been had been 158/100, has me very pleased.

Eating all raw foods and exercising twice daily, my energy levels remain higher, my weight drops and my BP drops. Yes I miss cooked foods very much. I like cooking and was a foodie. However, when I see and feel my progress, that far outweighs missing some foods I used to eat.

Here is the progress so far:

Day Weight BP
1 237.0 lbs 160/115
12 218.8 lbs 158/100
21 212.6 lbs 146/97
26 207.6 lbs 132/82

All of the BP readings were taken in the morning with 2 or 3 readings to make sure they were more or less accurate. This morning, my BP was down so much, I did not trust the reading and took 7 readings from each arm. The Day 26 reading above, is the average of all of them. I am very happy that it looks like I will not need to go on BP medication at the end of this 6 week trial!

Day 27 – 206.6 lbs

Really happy about my blood pressure and my continuous weight loss. I feel good and think things are on track.

No diet or exercise plan has ever brought such large effect, so quickly for me. In past, when I went low-fat, or simply did portion control, I was hungry and run down.

I do still crave my old cooked foods and especially things with cheese and/or bread, but I do not really feel “hungry”. If I choose to skip a meal, it really doesn’t seem to do much to me whereas before I would feel really shaky and lousy. I am trying to eat more though, to keep my energy levels up at that nice, high level. That works when I am active, but during the week when I mostly sit in front of my computer I can eat less, and not feel bad.

Day 28 – 204.6 lbs

Wow it is the 4th week already! Time flies. Well I have lost a little over 33 lbs since Starting the Raw diet trial and probably closer to 40lbs since my top weight a few months ago.

Some people are voicing some concern over the weight loss, how much, how sudden. The main concern is that the diet is too extreme and when I stop, I will put all the weight back on. My wife is only pleased however. She sees how much I am eating and of what it consists and feels comfortable that surely I am getting more nutrition than I was before.

I am not terribly concerned to be honest. I know I cannot eat as I did before so that is not even my goal. I want to loose around another 30 lbs to get to my ideal weight, or to 10-15% body fat. Since I am in the 30% range, I have a fair bit of loss to go!

As the weather warms I will be incorporating weight lifting back into my routine which should help in that area.

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