Week 5

Day 29 – 206.4 lbs

OK, yesterday there were 2 changes. My workouts were less intense, I broke a sweat but not until I was at least 1/2 way through. Also I ate very close to my projected caloric targets, 1652 calories. With my workouts, the net calories were about 974.

I wonder if my calories prior had been so low (net about 500) that my body is in now starvation mode, as I have read about in some places. Or do I simply not need the calories?

I also took in more protein, not quite to the target, but a bit closer. Today I will have ceviche, which will bring my calories and protein up also. I will just eat what I feel like I need, as I did yesterday, but will work out harder if there is weight gain.

If I feel fine at the end of the day, I will eat less and if I feel tired prior to my second workout I will eat more. If I am in starvation mode, I suppose my body is simply going to resist for a while.

I am open to the possibility that my metabolism is slow from previous weight loss/gain cycles and if that is the case, I just do not need as much food. Fine by me if I don’t feel bad and also spend less money on food.

A nice thing about being raw is that I already feel like I do not get hungry as before. There are no terrible cramps, feeling cranky or dizzy, I just feel like I want to taste something. I might get a little hollow feeling, but not like before.

I find that using Gyminee.com to be able to track my calories/weight so closely is very handy! It is nice because I can look at the data and spot trends and make adjustments before I run out of energy or before I put on a bunch of weight.

Strange, today I am just not hungry. The ceviche I had been looking forward too since last week, wasn’t good and I ate maybe 1/3 of it. The moral to that story is Use only fresh limes! do not use lime juice out of a squeeze bottle!

I am going to go get a fierce workout in to see if I can get my apetite up to eat some fruit or something. I hope I am not coming down with something. I have had a few very short nights of sleep lately.

Day 30 – 203.6 lbs

I worked out hard last night but never got hungry. Still not hungry this morning, strange. I will just see how it goes today and follow the dictates of my body.

I am up a bit early (3:30 am) for the time I got to bed last night, but I’ll take a nap later if I get sleepy.

BMI is down to 28.4 so I am solidly in the Overweight category. I am happy to be out of obese. I feel good about my progress and definitely see someone else looking back out of the mirror at me, that is cool and strange at the same time. I feel more vital, more “ready to go”, it’s like going back 15 years. I wonder how it is to go on this diet for the first time, when you are in your sixties?

Day 31 – 202.8 lbs

Day 32 – 202 lbs

Day 33 – 200.8 lbs

I have been on a slump as far as appetite. I do like the salads I make, but over the last few days, just do not feel like making, or eating them. Grabbing a piece of fruit is easy and satisfying.

I made pizza yesterday for my wife and daughter. I very much enjoy the process and the smells of cooking, I do not find them bad in any way.

Last night my daughter went to a band practice with friends and I was tasked with making a pizza run. I did, and I was hungry as we had been there 3 hours, but I did not eat any. So I feel pretty good about being able to “stick to my guns”. LOL! That’s a kind of ironic expression for a raw vegan to use isn’t it? 🙂

Day 34 – 201.2 lbs

Day 35 – 198.4 lbs

Wow, this is better than I had hoped for. Eating raw for 5 weeks has been a good experience, and I feel like I am just starting to get into the swing of it. I think at this point, my plan is to continue eating raw, at least until I get down to my ideal weight.

I am more used to raw now and yet I don’t feel like I would have a hard time going back to a more cooked diet, at least not by my reaction to cooked foods. However, I am sure I would have a harder time eating any junk food, now that I know how natural foods make me feel.

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