Week 6

Day 36 – 198 lbs

I have taken off the last couple of evening workouts. There is an area in my chest where I had a chest tube after a motorcycle accident, that has been burning. It makes me wonder if perhaps they cut through some muscle when they inserted the tube. Anyway, after a couple days of 1 workout and no pushups at all, it is feeling better. I will do an evening workout today and in the next day or two will start back with pushups again.

37 – 197.4 lbs

38 – 196.8 lbs

39 – 195.6 lbs

40 – 194.4 lbs

We went to a friend’s house for a special occasion, they had prepared such a wonderful spread of food! I had a few pieces of California roll sushi. So that was not raw. The wasabi sauce was so tasty! It made my eyes water like crazy, but tasted great.

Probably 30 min after eating the sushi, my innards were roiling, uncomfortable, but not sick or anything. Funny how fast you get un-used to eating cooked food when you go totally raw.

41 – 194.4 lbs

42 – 194.2 lbs

OK, I am done with my 6 week trial. Now I have to decide whether to stay 100% raw or to wean off a bit.

Honestly, I don’t have any terrible cravings, etc. However, my Blood pressure is still around 130/85 – 140/90, just depends on what I’ve been doing, etc. I was hoping to get it down to 120/80 or below. I think what I’ll do is stay raw and see where my pressure goes over the next handful of weeks. Really I want my pressure down, that’s my primary motivation.

That said, eating healthy and getting my pressure down from around 160/120, just with exercise and good food? Pretty great! 🙂 Also, I am going to stop weighing myself every day. I got so used to seeing 1/2 lb loss every day that when I didn’t, it would sort of needle me. That’s silly, but it is what I felt. I feel great from this and am really glad I started it! I am looking forward to seeing what other changes are on their way!

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