Week 2

Day 8 – 218.2 lbs

Not much change today, pleased with weight loss. Salad last night was yummy, had some corn in it as a treat. Getting a little tired of salad though, I need to mix up my diet more before I get irrevocably sick of things.

Eating raw is interesting, I find the volume of food per calorie is much higher. Also, something about the processed and refined food I ate before would make me more hungry as I ate. Sometimes I sit down to a small salad and can only eat half, not sure if it is because I grow tired of salad or because without all the refined and added junk, I react differently to the food.

The raw food doesn’t taste bad, I just loose the hunger almost as soon as I start eating. When that happens, I take some additional fruit. Still even fruit is not nearly as hunger driving as the food I ate before. My one “guilty” pleasure is raw cashews which I eat maybe 5 nuts here and there. They do make my appetite pick up a bit.

Wondering about hunger

In ‘Eat to Live’,which really started me on this Raw experiment, the author talks about true hunger being felt in the mouth and throat as opposed to the stomach. Intriguing, I wonder what that means. I think I have a lot more weight to loose before I even experience that.

Day 9 – 216.8 lbs

I am pretty sick of salad. I hope I can force myself to eat more today and will go get some raw ‘”cook books”, (LOL can you even call them that?) this weekend when I have more time.

Fruit is a pleasure as never before though, and so are raw nuts. I was really struck yesterday, when I did my before and after picture, at how much weight has come off. I real an article about one person commenting on how her internal body image did not track with her weight loss and I find that to be the case also.

I was comfortable in my own skin and fortunately did not hate myself or anything like that. That said, when I looked at that picture, I and thinner than I feel. Interesting phenomenon….

Day 10 – 216.6 lbs

Started taking vitamin D and sublingual B complex last night, apparently those are two things that are harder to get on a raw diet. I probably get some D from the mushrooms I eat, but hopefully the little I am taking will make up any shortage. B-12 I don’t know if I am getting or manufacturing, so I am taking that to be sure. Both are from vegetable sources according to the bottles.

Yesterday, a few days shy of 2 weeks on my raw diet and we get asked out to dinner, Mexican. Uh Oh! Cheesy dishes are my Favorite!

I opted for the garden salad with no dressing but put a side of black beans over top. Beans probably not strictly raw, but OK in my mind. I also had something new which is called Ceviche, a raw fish that is marinated in lemon juice along with onions, cilantro and other things.

Ceviche was really TASTY! I’ve never been a raw fish person, but since the citrus sort of “cooks” the protien, it was very palatable. So maybe the dinner was not 100% raw, but very healthy and delicious! It gives me hope for sticking to this sort of eating. I’m pretty jazzed. 🙂

Yesterday got tough at the end of the day. I felt sort of run down and sick the first few days of this raw eating diet, but yesterday night I was cranky and very hungry for some “old” food. I even dreamed of eating way off diet, LOL! Today I feel a lot more level. I wonder what caused that yesterday? I’m just glad I didn’t cave during dinner and get something cheesy.

Day 11 – 216.2 lbs

BMI down to 30.1 from 33.5, So I am still obese but not as solidly obese. That’s cool.

The big difference is in how I feel. On putting my hands on hips, taking a shower, etc, my body feels new. It’s strange. Similar to as I read about, the body changes faster than my thinking about it, so there’s this dissonance, a feeling of “who is this?”.

Also, I was wondering how I would react to the food last night since it is the least raw thing I have eaten since the start. I felt GREAT this morning, so an occasional raw fish will probably be fine for me. By great I mean I bounded up and down steps and woke with energy. I am not sure all will appreciate this but I just do not wake with energy, this is really something I could get used to! 🙂

Day 12 – 218.8 lbs

Yesterday I ‘relaxed” and ate some sprouted soy burgers from the health food store with soy sauce on them. a few handfuls of nuts, fruit and no greens aside from my morning smoothie. I seemed to gain around 2 pounds.

I wonder if it is me holding more water from the soy sauce I ate twice yesterday or just a natural fluctuation? If it is “real” weight gain because I had more calories than I needed yesterday, then my caloric need is really low.

I think I may be at my weight loss plateau weight around here though, because this is typically where I stall out and quit. My BP is still high however, 158/100, so I will not stop here. So today starts my exercise regimen. If I felt great raw, I am looking forward to how I feel raw and exercising regularly! 🙂

Day 13 – 217.2 lbs

So yesterday, I saw that I gained an unexpected 2lbs, I started thinking in terms of food I was missing and yet, didn’t quite give up. Giving up on myself over the years is what has gotten me to where I am, with warning signs in my health.

Isn’t it funny how you can loose a bunch of weight, gain a tiny bit back and feel the battle is lost? It’s not logical, I am still 23lbs lighter than my highest point at 245lbs, not a defeat!

Anyway, in every war there are battles lost, it just happens, the trick then is perseverance. Besides I am back down 1.4lbs this morning and ate great yesterday. I guess I am impatient to loose the weight and see my BP go down so I do not have to take medicine. Even if I do after the 6 weeks though, I can also keep working on this till I get off the medication. No big deal, the big thing is to not have a heart attack or a stroke!

Day 14 – 218.2 lbs

Some of the euphoria has worn off. Whether that was just a transient thing eating this way, an effect of loosing weight so quickly, or just my imagination, it is not there any longer. I hope to have some more brushes with it, I liked the feeling quite a bit.

That said, I am no longer feeling like I cannot stand another salad, I am happy about that. I am incorporating some tofu cubes with soy sauce in my salads, as well as seeds/nuts and it makes them very much more palatable for me.

I am also now exercising and feel good in general. I have had some hip pain, which is from a motorcycle accident, but it has been more sore lately. I am not sure if changes in my body while loosing weight adds to this, or if it’s just the added exercise. In any case, it is not insurmountable and I am not taking any medications as I have in past.

Most notable to me is that although I felt bad for the first few days, I have not gotten sick while eating raw. In all diets in the past, right around this point, where my weight levels off somewhere between 210 and 220 I would get some sort of flu, which would be the beginning of the end of the diet.

I am happy that is not happening now, perhaps I am getting enough nutrients to keep my body’s defenses up, whereas before I was simply eating less calories, with the majority of calories coming from not very nutritious food.

I do still get hungry from time to time, but as I have read, it is less the stomach cramping, woozy, grouchy, kind of hungry and more like a knowledge that I need fuel. Right after a typical fruit breakfast though, I often get a craving for something “heavy” and will grab a couple handfuls of nuts and some tofu. I used to eat 3 or 4 eggs, some sort of sausage or bacon, toast with butter and lots of diet soda and coffee for breakfast.

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