Day 6 – 221 lbs

My weight had gone back up to about 245. I had (and have) been feeling old and sore. Mid November, I started working out again, lifting and aerobic. Felt good, but I still knew my diet was bad. I have been needing reading glasses more and more and that concerns me.

I had an idea my BP was terrible. It was in the back of my mind, not really a conscious thought, but buzzing underneath. After taking my pressure and confirming it, I knew I had to do something.

I went raw last Tuesday, only eating raw fruits, veggies, nuts and legumes. The food is not what I like historically, but I know that on my present course my destination is either a bunch of meds or an early death, I can just feel it. So I choose healthy food.

When I started raw I was about 237 lbs, about 8 lbs down my max weight due to increased exercise. I stopped exercising to start this raw diet and will reassess when I seem to stabilize.

Wow, after 6 days eating raw, I am 221 lbs. This is typically too much weight loss at once, but the information I am reading in ‘Eat to Live’ tells me that as I approach my ideal weight, my body will slow the weight loss to conserve muscle.

I felt bad for a few days initially and then incredibly good. I notice that eating raw, I feel everything in my body more, I’m not sure I can fully explain it. It’s like riding a motorcycle with good feedback through the suspension. For those who have not ridden a motorcycle, it is kind of like listening to the TV with your hands over your ears and then removing them. The sound is much clearer with hands off. Eating raw I feel like “the hands are off my ears” as far as receiving feedback from my body is concerned.

I also notice that when I feel good I really feel it, and when I need fuel I really feel that too. But my body quickly responds after eating a meal. Also, I am not getting headaches, grouchy and cramps when I am hungry, I just know I “need more gas”.

Day 7 – 219 lbs
It is pretty amazing how fast the weight is coming off and yet how good I feel. Yes I miss pizza night, but I miss feeling good and energized even more. I get satisfaction cooking for my wife and daughter and get to smell all the yummy food we make.

After a handful of days amazingly, I really look forward to nuts and fruit for a meal. Even salad, although the last one I made was nasty. I bought too much and didn’t finish all the stuff before it was “off”, much better to buy a little and go more often. Fresh salad is a pleasure.

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