Cutting Cattle

Cutting Cattle, that’s what we do here on the farm. Horses here are trained to cut cattle for competition or for work. It’s amazing how quickly the horses move from side to side, how they can head off a cow that constantly switches direction in efforts to get back to the herd.

Below is footage of Jazzy Jake taken on 4/12/2010. It is compressed way down for bandwidth purposes, but you can get a good idea of just how well he moved. Jake was wonderful, he would always pin his ears at me when I went into his stall and look like he’d just as soon bite me as have me in there with him, but he was a wonderful friend who would get over himself after feeding time and often would come to me to lay his head on my shoulder, or to get a scratch and a hug. He developed terrible hives last summer (2014) and was treated successfully with steroids, however, he got too much of them for his body to handle and ended up succumbing as one thing after another went wrong for him. It was heartbreaking and drove home how fragile life can be.

We do not “process” (kill) cows here. The farm owner has a friend who raises cattle and he brings some here to stay on pasture and we in turn are able to have them help to train the horses. The ultimate purpose of cattle cutting though, is herding cattle and almost all human interactions with cattle ends up being exploitative and in the end, cruel. It is something that I am hoping will change, I see people’s hearts being changed more and more every day. But for the poor cows, it cannot be fast enough. While the cows are here, we treat them very well and they have taught me a lot. In fact, I probably would not have gone vegan without having met and cared for them.