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OK, so one of my goals in putting together this website, was to cut through the esoteric stuff surrounding natural self help, and package the information in a way that “regular folks” like me can understand. So eating raw has worked great for me, but I am such a neophyte at it, I knew I needed to learn more. So I have joined a few raw foods and vegan groups online. I figured there would be people in them that have some experience and could help me sail the uncharted (for me) waters of raw eating and natural self-help.

One of the sites I went to was I found a raw support group there that looked promising. The organizer of the group was a woman named Sharon who struck me as helpful and knowledgeable. So I emailed her a couple times through the website and finally gave her a call after a little back and forth in emails.

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It turns out that Sharon is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant and a Energy Medicine Practitioner. She has her own website at through which you can contact her and have her help you in your quest for health.

Sharon has a really neat past which you can read about in her Bio section. I found her to be very confident, professional and kind. We talked a bit about my goals, some pain I was having, what I was eating and the workouts I was doing. She gave me a number of options to get started and I decided to go have a Energy Medicine evaluation. At first blush, it sounds kind of “far out”, but in reading more about the body as well as various science articles, the concept has always intrigued me and Sharon inspired confidence when I spoke with her. I was not going to some strange person, she really knows her stuff and approaches it very pragmatically.

Sharon GreenspanWhen I arrived, Sharon and I chatted a bit more about me, what I was hoping to get out of the session, my concerns and questions. Sharon explained more about Energy Medicine to me, how she does the therapy and what I might expect to experience during the session. Then she had me lay on a table and made sure I was comfortable. Then she used a pendulum to take some energy readings over me. I opted to have an eye pillow and she had soft calm music playing. While she took readings and did adjustments to my energy fields, I was in and out of that place where you are almost asleep all the way but not quite. It was wonderfully relaxing and I had a myriad of thoughts and impressions laying there.

When the session was done, I got up and went back into the outer room and chatted with Sharon some more. She discussed impressions she had, what she thought was going on with my energy fields and some ideas of what might be of help to me. I talked a bit about some of what I experienced during the session and we set another appointment for later. To me the session was very well worth it, I have not had a lot of experiences as relaxing as that was. I am an “on the go” type of person for the most part, always so much to do. It was wonderful to just be for a while and Sharon was there to help me.Wild Success Logo

After the session, some pain I had been experiencing was definitely much less, but the most remarkable thing was how wonderfully relaxed and yet aware, I felt.

Sharon offers various workshops through the website which is an excellent chance to see some of what she has to offer. She has a wealth of information on raw food, so she can really be a valuable resource for someone trying to figure out how to take care of themselves.

Sharon Greenspan
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Nutritional Consultant
Energy Medicine Practitioner