Music – Maya Solovey

Maya Solovey

Maya Solovey

Maya Solovey is one of those rare artists who both makes sweet music and engages the audience in an intimate way. From the first note, her sultry voice tickles you under the chin and urges you to listen more attentively to the lyrics. It’s one of those voices one immediately enjoys listening to, whether she is singing, or talking. The experience is much like walking past a field of beautiful wildflowers, you are compelled to stop and stare (or listen) a while.

Her writing is superb, issues of the heart are dealt with in an intelligent, sensitive and frank manner. As you listen, you can almost hear what the audience is seeing, a catch of the eye, a secret half smile, as everything Maya is pulls you in and immerses you in the story she is telling.

Maya plays the guitar as an extension of herself as she tells the story, again, every part of the performance works together to transport one into the story. One moment fingering, the next strumming, the next hammering as she weaves her auditory spell and paints a deliciously rich canvas of sound that envelops you and then whispers softly in your ear.

She is a fantastic artist and I am very glad to have had a chance to hear her play and see her perform. I hope to see more and more soul-poetry from Maya.